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Understanding your Anxiety and What it is

doing to you.

Your well-being

Anxiety is a common mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be characterized by feelings of nervousness, worry, and fear, which can interfere with daily life.

While some level of anxiety is normal, excessive anxiety can be debilitating and may require professional help.
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what anxiety does

You can't breathe

You don’t even know it but you hold your breath. You feel like and elephant is sitting on your chest.

Imagine the Worst

You pretend like everything is okay on the outside. But there is this overwhelming sensation in the body that feels way bigger than you can handle. 

And really, you feel like you about to lose it.

Criticize and Judge

You expect everything to go perfectly smoothly and when it doesn’t, you shame yourself, feel guilty and bad for not doing more. You get caught in a negative self-talk loop and you can’t get out of it.

The veil of shame

When things get stressful, you tell yourself that you can’t do hard things. That’s when the anger comes in. Then you feel like you aren’t allowed to be angry. And you won’t allow yourself to belong or connect with others.

Anxiety & Stress symptoms

When these symptoms are out of control and they are impacting your personal, professional and social interactions, it's time to seek help. You can work with a licensed mental health expert to address generalized anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and overwhelm.

You can't sleep

difficulty controlling worry

avoid social situation


difficulty concentrating, brain fog

Restless and feeling on edge

Sweating and shaking a heart-racing

Muscle tension

dizziness, nausea, abdominal distress

Fortunately, anxiety can be healed

When you take the step to begin therapy for your anxiety, you will have a wide range of tools to help you have a better relationship with your anxiety and get the relief you are looking for.

Anxiety symptoms can creep up on you in many ways from physical and behavioral that challenge your emotional and cognitive state of being. And at times, it seems to leave behind the same daunting feeling–of being afraid, alone, worried, and isolated.

Anxiety seems to come out of nowhere and take over. But it’s really associated with past trauma and experiences.  And no one has the exact same symptoms, so everyone’s anxiety and how it impacts them is unique. That’s why my therapy and treatment options are unique. I’m trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Internal Family Systems, dialectical behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, and other holistic approaches to therapy that can help you get back on track and in control.


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Support is here. Therapy Can Help.

Are you struggling with anxiety and looking for a way to manage it? Therapy can help uncover what’s at the core of your anxiety. You will learn to understand those intrusive thoughts and have the ability to shift your beliefs and your reactions to them in a positive way, and get relief.

I help you to connect with yourself and build a better relationship with your anxiety. You will learn techniques and coping skills to calm your mind, be mindful, be able to live in the present moment, and feel safe in your own skin.

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  • Therapy sessions are customized around your situation and your needs.
  • We process your feelings and utilize a variety of coping strategies in real time so you can know exactly what to do even when you aren’t in session.
  • With therapy, you have someone there to talk to. Someone who understands how you feel.
  • Therapy helps you to explore what might be the root cause of your Anxiety.
  • You can discover how being stuck and overwhelmed isn’t permanent and you can start to build a life without be controlled by it and heal mind, body, spirit, & heart.
  • I offer online therapy and sessions in my Boca Raton, FL office.
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You’ll learn easy techniques, to quickly calm your mind and body. Just imagine not feeling afraid of the thoughts that may invade your mind.
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You will develop a sense of ‘self’, to speak for and not from the anxiety. You will gain creativity and joy.
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You will feel confident enough to communicate more effectively, while reducing the conflict you have when you experience anxiety. You will get relief from the stress and take back control.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to get the clarity you need to move forward? Whether it is evidence-based therapy or holistic psychotherapy, you will learn how to understand your nervous system, use techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and inner parts work to explore and fully engage with your True Self. 

Reconnect with YOU. So you can be your authentic self. Find those moments of confidence, connection, creativity and curiosity. 

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