The initial excitement wears off ... what happens when you aren't sure if you have anything in common any more?


Trouble communicating and want to save your relationship?

where to start?

surviving your relationship

In order to ensure the relationship has a better chance of survival, both parties can look at their roles and perceptions linked to the relationship and be equally committed to the idea of making it work with couples therapy.

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Couples therapy: Taking the next step

Exploring the goal of saving your relationship or marriage is the first step. Couples therapy works best when both are making a genuine effort to participate in the goal together and looking at any chance to better the relationship.

I am level II trained in The Gottman Method, one of the most widely discussed couples counseling options. This is my primary technique that I use for couples who are struggling or feeling disconnected, or have an overall feeling of being unloved and not supported by their partner.


The Gottman Method


John Gottman, and his wife Julie, developed the approach as a way for couples to increase friendship and closeness by managing conflict and enhancing communication. Not all conflicts have a solution, but the theory is that you can learn to manage it and not allow it to destroy your relationship. The theory also focuses on building a shared life together.

I provide couples with the tools and techniques to communicate effectively, manage conflict, and create shared meaning through the use of The Gottman Method.

Couples therapy that includes a thorough assessment of your relationship and integrates evidence-based interventions using the Sound Relationship House Theory.

relationships should not be taken lightly.

Even the best relationships have disagreements and experience conflict. If you are like most couples, chances are you have had your ups and downs. Especially these past few years.

Being in a relationship is a commitment. Every relationship is worth considering saving. At least understand what happened. How did it fall apart? Being able to address things that may have caused the marriage or relationship to lose its luster, can be important in salvaging it and bringing back the feelings you first shared.

It’s how you work though the conflict that makes the difference.

Learn to reconnect again, be friends and start over.

Transform your relationship.

Do you feel like you lost your romantic connection? Is there something missing?

Do you long to feel seen, heard and valued by your spouse?

Do you feel you are disrespected? Or are they expecting too much?

Do you notice you continue to bicker over the same thing again and again?

How did we get here?

Many couples don’t even know how they got to this point. They know they love their partner or spouse, but have drifted away and lost the emotional and sexual connection. Maybe your partner doesn’t have your back. Or maybe you don’t feel important or have a voice. Maybe your relationship has resentments from past actions like infidelity or abuse, and it might feel really hard to move forward.

The Basics

With couples therapy, we can start with sitting together with you and your partner and discuss the best ways to communicate, relearn to have meaningful conversations that matter, and be friends again.

What to expect.

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I teach you research-based strategies and tools to help you as a couple successfully manage the conflict.

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I will help to empower both of you to dialogue about your worst gridlocked issues by uncovering your underlying dreams, history, and values.

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You will be able to process fights and heal your hurts, and learn techniques to deepen the intimacy and minimize relapse.

What clients are Saying.