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Frequently asked questions.

Therapy is about you. It’s about your well-being. It’s about your life. It’s about your healing.

The therapeutic relationship is designed to be supportive and help you work through what is going on in your life.

You may even find some benefits you didn’t expect.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers asked about holistic and evidence-based therapy treatments four individuals and couples.

During our first session, we will take time to get to know each other. I will go over what the process will look like and what to expect for your treatment goals.

Every person is different, our time together will be focused on you and your individual journey.

Prior to our first meeting, you will receive a standard questionnaire, that helps to create your treatment plan. It’s a simple process, if you don’t fill it out its okay too. 

Every person is unique, so we will work together on addressing the best approach.

I offer an integrative approach that includes both evidence-based theories and holistic practices to get the best results. This approach addresses and individual as a whole person rather than someone who just has psychological issues. A holistic approach attempts to address the individual in terms of mind, body, spirt and heart.

Traditional Talk Therapy and Holistic Psychotherapy Methods I offer include, but are not limited to: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Pyschodynamic Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), PolyVagal Theory, Mindfulness Practices, Meditation, Sound Healing Therapy, and The Gottman Method.

We can assess your unique needs and outcomes together. Some people need less time and some need more based on their experiences and the overall issues they would like to work on.

People come in for issues like depression, anxiety, past trauma and relationship issues they may be facing. Whatever it is you are looking for, we will look at the most effective treatment options for you.

We will continuously review your treatment goals and where you are on your path and what the next steps will be.

No matter how long or short your treatment ends up, know that you will always have the opportunity to do follow up sessions at any time if you need it.

Yes. All of my services, for individual and couples therapy, are available online through a secure and confidential online platform.

I only accept patients that reside in the state of Florida.

I offer 45- and 60-minute sessions. We schedule meeting frequency based on your unique needs. Typically people start out once a week and we will assess the number of sessions based on your unique needs.

No. I don’t accept insurance for these reasons:

1. Preauthorization and reduced confidentiality.

2. Insurance companies require clinicians to give a mental health diagnosis for reimbursement which can impact you negatively.

3. Choice of mental health provider is restricted to who you can see.

I prefer you are in control of your care, including choosing your therapist, length of treatment, etc.

I do not work with insurance companies, although I do provide superbills for your convenience.

You are responsible to attend each appointment. Clients can cancel or reschedule an appointment anytime whether it is in our Boca Raton office or tele-therapy, if they provide 24 hours notice. In the event a scheduled appointment is cancelled in less than 24 hours you will be responsible for payment of the full session. 

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I do not work with insurance companies, although I do provide superbills for your convenience.
I am licensed to provide in-person, online video or phone counseling throughout the state of Florida.