Trauma Recovery Therapy

Helping survivors heal from trauma and complex PTSD.

Releasing trauma

Old wounds have a way of seeping into present moments, affecting our current lifestyle and relationships. They can disrupt a connection we are trying to make or smother a relationship and impact our day-to-day lives. Most of us become anxious when we are forced to face situations that are outside our comfort zone. We are vulnerable to triggers that bring back those unwanted thoughts, feelings, sensations, fears, and memories. Trauma therapy can help.

Trauma Therapy for Past Experiences

More and more evidence reveals the relationship between how the mind and the body work together. Types of trauma like  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and other events manifest as psychological stress impacting the body with tension, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, shaking or other physical pain. You might notice times you are holding your breath, which might feel like a painful pause, and that can be difficult, overwhelming and uncomfortable to experience.

The energy of trauma is stored in our body until we are able to release it. Those old memories that aren’t released are held frozen in the past and filled with old emotions that get stored. Depending on the circumstances, they can consume you for no immediate or logical reason. These triggers are enough to let anxiety and stress take over your life, causing a reaction that you may regret or even feel guilty about later.

Most of us have had some trauma in our life, most often childhood trauma, but not everyone is impacted the same way or will have the same healing journey. The problem is that not everyone’s psychological or physical effects from trauma resolve on their own. Trauma doesn’t have to be one specific event either–you could also face micro traumas and cumulative trauma. Impacts of trauma can persist and can have negative effects if not treated and can become chronic.

 Trauma Therapy is there to support you.

Do You Find Yourself
Feeling Defensive, Stuck or Overwhelmed for no reason?

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Your body tenses up, you get anxious and frustrated and you can't figure out why ...

You feel unsafe and sometimes it’s so hard NOT to react, because you feel threatened and you don’t even know why. It can happen in a millisecond. It’s like the center of your body feels like it goes from 0-100 in an instant, and you don’t know what else to do BUT react. 

You feel frozen, combative, or you want to run. You may feel trapped and you can’t get out, leaving you feeling helpless and hopeless. 

Parts of you may feel overwhelmed, alone, resentful, angry, sad, or hurt.  

I totally get it.

You could be spending much of your life living behind those defenses and avoiding your past wounds or traumas.   

You have become hidden and blocked by these other parts of yourself, and I can help you find your way back and heal from your trauma.  

If you are willing to make a change in your life and invest in YOU and your journey with trauma therapy–the right time is now. The present moment is the time to take action with treatment for your trauma.

I am Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Internal Family Systems Specialist (IFS) able to provide in-person or virtual trauma therapy and trauma counseling throughout the state of Florida.

Take the next steps

Trauma therapy can free you from the effects of past trauma.

Learn how to better understand your nervous system and how it works. Trauma can feel like you are either stuck in overwhelm or freeze. You might resist and even cause conflict.

We can work together to release your trauma. We start with understanding what is happening now, how your past shows up and how it affects you in the present moment.

There are a variety of science-based and holistic therapy techniques to help with your trauma recovery like somatic experiencing, mindfulness, inner parts work, and regulating your nervous system. These techniques allow you to grow and take control of your life.

As a trauma survivor, I know what it is like to be stuck. To be desperate to find some sense of safety in the world and knowing where you belong. I can guide you through the steps to become whole again. To thrive. You don’t have to do this alone.

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Release trauma

Get help now with trauma therapy.

Emotional experiences from childhood trauma or a traumatic event can trigger your nervous system resulting in you feeling stressed, or tense or angry even years later. But, we are seeing more ways to address and release the emotional muscle memory.

If trauma gets stuck, there are treatments to help release it such as sound healing, breath work, or mindfulness strategies. Using a holistic approach to your healing can include science-based treatment methods as well as other alternative practices.

It would have been great if the trauma was never stored in the first place. In reality the traumatic events we go through in childhood are sometimes stored, especially the most extreme and our bodies don’t always know how to process the trauma and better digest what is happening to us. We need to understand and make sense of it in order to move on so we don’t have to think about it as much.

There are things you can do to relate better to the stressors from your past. You can have peace and harmony and the freedom to be you.

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Trauma comes back as a reaction not a memory.

-bessel Van der Kolk

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Connecting with yourself gives you freedom

Internal family systems (IFS) for Trauma Therapy

Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS) helps you heal from trauma by working with your inner parts and allowing you to connect with the all parts of you including the self.
The parts and their burdens can prevent you from being seen, heard and living from your true Self. That leaves you feeling empty, like something is missing. That emptiness is YOU.
But, there are parts of you that are trying to help you to fill that emptiness, but can actually be causing the void. They are trying to manage you without your input by ‘taking care’ of you all day long (and protecting you).

Trauma can affect your sense of self, leaving you feeling disconnected and lost. Anxiety and depression can manifest as some the symptoms of your PTSD. And these parts of you can get in the way of your overall functioning, especially your relationships.

One way to gain back healthier relationships is to have an integrated internal family system within yourself. That’s where the joy and harmony all live. And that is freedom.
Trauma-focused therapy can help you to discover news skill and coping strategies to respond to emotions connected to the traumatic event. IFS therapy takes place in a safe and supportive environment.

Sound Healing Helps Trauma ​

More and more people are discovering the benefits of sound healing therapy for trauma. As an ancient practice, sound healing uses different instruments to create vibrations that can impact different parts of the body and the nervous system. I am a Certified International Integral Sound Healing Therapist.

Listen to my Free sound healing meditation

Sound healing can release stuck emotions that are holding you back and promote healing. Listen to the FREE 7-minute sound healing. 

When to seek professional help

Trauma recovery and healing takes time, and everyone heals at their own pace. But if weeks or months have passed, and you are still feeling overwhelmed, you may need professional help from an expert. 

Reach out for a free 15-minute consultation regarding your trauma healing journey. I’m here to help. The Feeling Expert® office is located in Boca Raton, FL and we offer telehealth services for trauma and PTSD throughout the State of Florida. Whether it is Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or other holistic approaches, we can help you feel stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Change begins when we can give ourselves permission to heal.

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