What is holding you back from achieving a happier life full of self confidence and balance?


Know what YOU want.
Awaken the authentic


Therapy for women helps you Understand YOU.

As a woman it’s important to know and understand yourself so that you can make sense of the world around you.  You can get a clear picture of the direction you want for your life. Who you want in it. And what really matters to you. Healing therapy designed for women.

The power of YOU

 Therapy for women is designed to get your power back. You are the resource for all the healing that takes place in your life. You don’t have to go find it, it’s all within you.

You are the essence. Your pure essence is what’s perfect. Every day in your life you are changing how you see the world depending on your thoughts, your mood, your experiences, and situations around you. Some people see it as an imperfection. Some people see it as their unique imprint that needs to be nurtured and expanded. And it’s this imperfection that can be seen as your creative space and where you belong in this world. That is what makes you unique. You want to get to the place you can appreciate and manage your imperfections to empower you. Your perspective is allowed to change too. It doesn’t have to stay the same. 

That’s the power of you.

but being YOU scares you

It's hard to be yourself.

You’re so afraid people won’t like you. You don’t want to be judged by others. Especially in relationships. So you don’t always stay true to your needs, and you begin to do things like “people please.” 

Knowing your values and learning to set boundaries in relationships helps both parties. Defining your non-negotiable is important. 

What things do you absolutely need in a relationship?

What will make you feel safe and trusting of others?


Everyone else seems to have it all together!

Do you have trouble communicating your truth? You try to avoid conflict? You experienced chaos or trauma as a child and it follows you in your life? 

It makes so much sense you don’t want to be real!

So you pretend to be someone else. Someone you think others will like. I offer therapy for women specializing in women’s issues and concerns.


Is this you?

You have it all together.

You have the best job.

You love your your spouse. 

Your house is amazing.

But, you are empty. You are just pretending and not letting anyone know what you really feel. You don’t let anyone see you are alone. You don’t let them know you feel stuck.

Nothing brings you real joy. Sure it looks like you are doing great on the outside. You have become great at that “smile.” The one everyone comments about.

They don’t know you are home drinking alone. Crying to yourself before you go fix your face.

You’ve been called a people pleaser and you wear it like a badge of honor. That’s right. Making everyone happy.

But it’s making you unhappy inside. You feel depressed. No one ever even listens to you. You do all the perfect things, and then you get to stand on the sidelines watching everyone else. You keep pretending that everything is fine. You know it’s all a lie, but you keep on doing it anyway.

You know you are giving your power away.

therapy for women

You know you want more



You are filled with racing thoughts and unwanted feelings that won’t go away. Are there certain things you’d like to do in your life but think “I’m not sure I have the confidence to get the result I want”? “I don’t feel like I belong.” “I don’t matter.”

Doing the inner work is so important and working together, we can create space so that you can allow for YOU to be part of your life again.

Let’s get to what’s really going on. Okay?

maybe it's more like this?


You are anxious all the time and you are having trouble sleeping or you have thoughts racing and repeating in your mind, making you stress and panic.

You have unwanted feelings that won’t leave?

You have recurring memories or images of trauma, abuse, neglect, or bullying from your past.

You are feeling isolated, alone, or you self-sabotage every time you try to take a step forward.

You may be experiencing the same conflict issue with your partner, never feeling fully heard or seen, and maybe it’s reminding you of your mother or father? 

Seriously. Maybe you just want some help with these chronic, never-ending feelings of being down and depressed or maybe what’s happening is that it’s a mix of both anxiety and low mood. Is that right?

I mean it’s physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausting. And now, on top of all this, you have the Delta, Omicron, brain fog. Whatever the F’n variant is today. It’s beyond what you imagined at this point. Bottomline, you are emotionally spent. Period!

You just want to be YOU again!!! 

That’s why I offer therapy for women in by Boca Raton office.


It's Self time. Therapy for Women


One of the most important aspects of self-care is valuing your own needs and respecting your feelings. Creating boundaries for yourself means you put your needs and emotions above the needs of others. And learning to do it in a respectful way for all.

Your needs, your values and your boundaries help to make you. That is the power of you. Your foundation. When you build that, it will allow you to develop your confidence to be seen, heard, and matter. You don’t have to look for that voice outside of you. You already have it within you. I’m going to show you where to listen from inside you and how to sense and feel it, because I’m the Feeling Expert. I can take you there, body, mind, spirit and heart.

Spirituality is really about how much we get out of our own way and allow ourselves to be guided by our higher self.

Awakening to your infinite energy will guide you to harmony and balance in a healing way of caring and connecting to your authentic self.

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the KEY to success

The key is to be you. Lead with the heart. Come from your authentic self. If you can do that, the rest is easy. Understanding who you are, clarifying how you want to be seen. Have the courage to find your voice. To be free and feel that ease. Reawaken your authentic self by reconnecting to the power within you.

I help women who don’t feel good enough about themselves to tune in and change the way they relate with the stop self-doubting, people pleasing, perfecting parts of them, that hold them back by self-sabotaging and blocking their power

I can help you slow down. I can help you to get curious. I can help you to get your power back. Together we will create the space you need to make the magic happen. All you need is the willingness to start your journey and create that spark.

Let all the parts of you be seen and be heard, but YOU get to lead the way, and that my dear is the power of YOU.

I do not work with insurance companies, although I do provide superbills for your convenience.
I am licensed to provide in-person, online video or phone counseling throughout the state of Florida.
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What to expect

Surprisingly, therapy helps.

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Learn how to understand what these  negative words are telling you and the meaning. The magic is in the message.

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Learn how to help yourself heal and recover from too much stress so you can get the clarity you need.

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Discover what self-care means for you. AND, learn how to take care of you without feeling guilty being you.