Burn Out Signs

  1. Lack of motivation; when you lose enthusiasm or you do not have the internal motivation to do anything. You might find it hard to get going or wake up in the morning.
  2. Feeling exhausted; if you feel tired all the time, it can beis a clear sign of burnout stress. This can show up as emotional, physical or even mental exhaustion. 
  3. Frustrations and negative emotions; feeling that what you are doing does not matter anymore? Or feeling pessimistic with what you are doing? While everybody experiences some negative emotions, when this becomes constant, you should be concerned.
  4. Slipping performance at work; Compare your job performance now with previous years. Determine whether you are in a temporary slump or you are experiencing a serious burnout.
  5. Decreased satisfaction; if you have the tendency to feel less happy about everything taking place around you or what you are doing then chances are you might have burned out. 
  6. Being careless with yourself; Some of the signs of these are drinking too much, smoking excessively, eating a lot of junk food or leading a sedentary life.
  7. Personal problems at home and at work; if you are more irritated and having more conflicts with people at work and at home, then there might be a more serious underlying issue.
  8. Experiencing Health Problems. Noticing changes in health.
  9. Lacking ability to concentrate; burnout can interfere with your ability to concentrate. You might be more forgetful and find it difficult to remember even the simplest things.