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Evidence-based and holistic therapist

I offer a range of therapeutic treatments so my clients get the science-based and integrative healing approaches. I focus on your unique needs for healing as a whole and leading with your mind, body, spirit & heart.

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Elyce Kiperman-Gordon, MS, LCMHC, NCC

How did i get here?

That’s a question I get asked fairly often about how I became a therapist, so I wanted to give you a little background on my own healing journey and what brought me here, to this moment.

I tended to be that person–the one just living on the surface. I wasn’t very in tune spiritually with myself, I felt too scared to be ‘me’. To even feel alive. I didn’t give myself permission to be me. But I knew inside it wasn’t enough. I will say, I was kind of curious in learning more about “who I am”, but, I was still stuck in staying removed.

Then my life changed. My 19-month old daughter passed away. Everything I thought I knew changed. The loss made me realize just how far removed I had actually become. I decided then it was time for me to awaken and take the journey. My journey.

Over the next 28 years, I spent time working on improving myself using meditation and mindfulness as a daily practice. I continued to be committed to those techniques and still use these practices today to stay present with my authentic self. During those years of discovery, as I moved closer to my truest of “Self”, I realized I wanted to learn more about wellness and mental health. That is when I was introduced to the concept of The Internal Family Systems Model (IFS).

Talk about fascinating?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based therapy model that works on the premise that the mind is made up of separate parts and that each part has its own feelings and personality. How interesting right? That peeked my curiosity even more since I am open to being a little out of the box and learning new concepts.

What I found through my research is that you have some parts of your mind that are there to help you function better, while other parts try to control you and your actions–because those parts are carrying wounds from the past that haven’t been healed. But when you can witness the hurt and the pain they carry, they want to stop being in control they want to heal and allow you to lead.

I felt motivated to learn more and a thought of inspiration came to me. This voice inside was quiet and said “I need to do this work and help others.” That was my intuition talking! I knew because my heart warmed, my eyes lit up, and I was smiling ear to ear! I could help others? I felt it wasn’t enough to just understand these parts alone. I decided then to go back to grad school for a Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree and get a deeper understanding of the mind from a neuroscience perspective and start the next step in my journey.

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my own healing journey


As I was soaking up all of this new found information, I was introduced to many science-based approaches for psychology and therapy with different perspectives. That was riveting to me, so I started researching scholarly articles on some of these theories and how they proved to help people. This was also humorous. Seriously, I never thought in a million years that you would ever catch me interested in doing research.

Just so you know, I was so NOT a school or study person at all. In fact, I was this cool down-to-earth, hip chic from NYC with a rock-n-roll flare. I was the creative type, loved to dance, be center stage, and actually longed to be a mom. The last thing I would think about is going back to school, let alone graduating with Distinction. And hello, here I am. 

Then something changed in me, my kids were getting older and more self-sufficient and I knew it was time to create more meaning FOR ME outside of my family world. 

I learned about Psychodynamic theory and the unconscious mind. I became passionate and focused on learning and how we are all impacted by our thoughts and feelings and how we engage with them. It fascinated me way more than anything else because it had substance, something I felt the need for more of in my life. I finally felt this was the ‘enough’ I had been looking for.

I began learning about other ways to heal the mind, through different classes, workshops, and training events including holistic ones. During that period I came across Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing and Sound Healing Therapy –that for me, encapsulated the idea of what we think, what we feel and what we experienced in the past, are all stored memories in our body. 

That is when it all connected for me. It was this AHA moment, that moment of clarity when I was able to tie all the pieces I had been learning together–body, mind, heart, & spirit. It was then that I realized how I wanted my practice to be. How I would help others. I understood how we are all unique. Unique challenges. Unique experiences. Unique desires. I wanted my therapy practice to focus on unique individual needs and strategies through both science-based and holistic healing. 

Mind, body, spirit & heart.


Fast Forward to now


Hi, I’m Elyce, The Feeling Expert®, and I am here to help you. I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Internal Family Systems Specialist (IFS), Certified International Integral Sound Healing Therapist through the Sound Healing Academy, and International Intuitive Sound Healing Practitioner.

Together, we will work to break through your limitations. and help to guide you to exactly what you want in your life.  Heal from trauma. Control your anxiety. Come back from depression. Whatever it is we can do it together. You can live from your authentic self, and through your own journey you will connect and heal your body, mind, spirit, & heart.

There is no coincidence that YOU are here. You knew this was calling you. As a therapist, I offer a mixture of both Western Philosophy and Eastern Practices to bring the best of both worlds to my clients. All that I’ve learned in my clinical career, both academically and professionally, and in my personal journey body, mind, spirit & heart realms, create an abundance of resources to guide you. Are you ready for your journey?

If you are ready, I invite you to take the lead, and learn how to get mentally and emotionally well, book your free 15-minute therapy consultation. Learn how to lead from your authentic self by fully integrating your whole self–mind, body, spirit, & heart.

 I do provide superbills for your convenience.

I am licensed to provide in-person, online video or phone counseling throughout the state of Florida.